Oleg Georgievich Bakhtiyarov

The author of the concept of psychonetics, the developer of the methodology and methods of
deconcentration, the corpus of techniques for activating consciousness and direct work with
The developer of the project of the psychonetic network, which has been operating since 2006 and
carries out training on the psychonetic program and the development of new methods of working with
consciousness and their practical applications.
At the moment, the psychonetic network includes the University of Effective Development (Kiev), the
Institute of Psychonetic Research and Development (Moscow), the Institute of Psychotechnologies (St.
Petersburg), the Workshop of Psychonetics (Rostov-on-Don) and a number of independent groups in
other Russian and Ukrainian cities. Graduated from the Biological Faculty of Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State
1979 – 1986. Junior researcher, Senior researcher at the Institute of Psychology of the Academy of
Medical Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR (Kiev). Development of methods for managing the condition and
maintaining self–control in extreme and uncertain conditions of activity (within the framework of the
program for training operators to work on new models of equipment, the customer is “Molniya”
organization. Development of a method of deconcentration of attention for the Training Center for
operators of energy enterprises.
1987 – 1988 St. Engineer of the Information Systems Design Bureau of the Institute of Problems of
Materials Science of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. Development of a method of
deconcentration of attention for the cosmonaut training stand.
1987 – 1989 Chairman of the “Perspektiva” organization.
1989 – 1996 Director of the “Perspektivnye issledovaniia i razrabotki” organization. Works on the topics
of implementation of deconcentration techniques to ensure the effectiveness of the activities of various
professional contingents. Experimental work on introducing methods of intensive seminars for the
training of a special contingent of military personnel.
1996-1997 Senior Researcher at the Military Humanitarian Institute of the Ministry of Defense of
Ukraine. Developing the topic “Psychological aspects of the behavior of military personnel in low-
intensity conflicts”.
1997 – 2000 General Director of the “EXPIR” Center for Psychological and Social Technologies.
Developing the methods of intensive training based on psychotechnics.
Since 2000, General Director of the University of Effective Development. Developing approaches to the
construction of an irrational analytics system. The Triad system.