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In 2020, the I International Scientific and Practical Conference “Scientific School of V.V. Davydov: Traditions and Innovations” was held, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Professor Vasily Vasilyevich Davydov’s birth — the birth of an outstanding scientist, a follower of cultural-historical psychology and theory of activity, a founder of the system of developmental education, an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

The system of developmental education, which foundations were created by V.V. Davydov, his students and followers, is not a frozen didactic system. It continues developing for the need to solve new issues. First of all, it is the need to design a developmental education and to create effective models of a new school. An important step in this field is related to proving the modern school model as an ecosystem of child-adult communities and various types of activities (Y.V. Gromyko, V.A. Guruzhapov, A.A. Margolis, V.V. Rubtsov, etc.). On the one hand, the developing model is based on L.S. Vygotsky’s ideas about modeling cultural means and ways of activity in the forms of child-adult communities. On the other hand, this model meets the principles of new activity didactics, which are laid down and discussed in the scientific school of V.V. Davydov.

Furthermore, the modern world creates additional challenges, such as including digital technologies in education. It creates a special task for educational specialists — to study and prove the use of these technologies from the perspective of their developmental potential. In V.V. Davydov’s scientific school, the process comes along with developing the ways to organize the activities and interactions between children and adults. Therefore, the fundamental criterion for designing digital educational platforms is using the principles of education and child-adult communities.

The Conference program provides a space to discuss key ideas and foundations of the Professor V.V. Davydov’s scientific school. Discussions cover current issues of a learning activity agent and the scientific school during digitalization in education.

The conference will take place as four thematic symposia: 

Symposium 1: Learning Activity in Primary School and Digital Environments: How to Promote Agency in Learning Activity 

Symposium 2: Developing Agency in Adolescents through Research and Project Activity: Opportunities and Limitations of Digital Environments

Symposium 3: Games in Digital Environments that Shape Group and Individual Agency in Students through Learning Tasks and Research Projects

Symposium 4: Development of Subject Thinking of Students in the Process of Learning Activity, Including the Use and Implementation of Digital Environments

II International Scientific and Practical Conference “The Davydov Readings”

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