Symposium Organizing Committee


  • Margolis A.A., Rector of MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • Sergomanov P.A., Director of the FSBSI PI RAE (Moscow, Russia)

Committee members:

  • Baykovskaya N.A., Head of the Department of International Affairs of MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • Barannikov K.A., Vice-Rector for Development of Moscow City University (Moscow, Russia)
  • Dykina E.A., Assistant of the President of MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • Konokotin A.V., Lecturer of the UNESCO Chair “Cultural-Historical Psychology of Childhood” MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • Somov E.A., Head of the Department of Safety and Security of MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • Ulanovskaya I.M., Leading Researcher, Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education (Moscow, Russia)
  • Khaperskaya A.Yu, Executive Director of the Russian Educational Research Association (Moscow, Russia)
  • Shvedovskaya A.A., Head of Information and Publishing Projects Department, MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • Erkenova F.S., Head of Information Policy and Public Relations Department, MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)