Symposium Organizing Committee


  •  A.V. Konokotin, Lecturer of the UNESCO Department of Cultural-Historical Psychology of
    Childhood, MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • A.Y Khaperskaia, Executive Director of the Russian Educational Research Association,
    MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)

Committee Members:

  • A.V. Vinogradov, Head of the Extracurricular Work Sector of the Extracurricular and Social
    Work Office, MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • E.A. Dykina, President’s Assistant, MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • O.I. Leonova, Executive Director of the Federation of Educational Psychologists of Russia
    (Moscow, Russia)
  • E.A. Somov, Head of the Safety and Labor Protection Office of the Directorate for Building
    Maintenance, Safety and Labor Protection, MSUPE (Moscow, Russia)
  • I.V. Filippova, Acting Head of the Information Policy and Public Relations Office, MSUPE
    (Moscow, Russia)
  • A.A. Shvedovskaya, Head of Information and Publishing Projects Office, MSUPE (Moscow,

II International Scientific and Practical Conference “The Davydov Readings”

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