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The conference has ended

September 24th – was the final day of the program of international scientific & practical conference “Scientific school of Vasily Davydov: traditions and innovations”

During the Conference, many key reports on the development and understanding of the theory of developmental education were made by leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of developmental education.

The most part of materials (including those on which the reports of the Conference were based) can be found in special issues of the journal “Psychological Science and Education”:

No. 4, 2020 –

No. 5, 2020 –

as well as in the collection Conference proceedings:

The final day started with a special address from the President of the International Society for Cultural-historical & Activity Research (ISCAR) – professor Katerina Plakitsi (Greece). After the address, a plenary session was held with keynote reports of I.M. Remorenko, Yu.V. Gromyko, A.A. Margolis, N.N. Nechaev, B.D. Elkonin, O.S. Ostroverkh.

As a final key-point of the Conference, a large memorial meeting “In Dialogue with Vasily Davydov” was held, during which a broad discussion of the contribution of V.V. Davydov took place. Participants discussed the contribution of V. Davydov in the development of world science and shared memories of students and colleagues, who worked with him shoulder to shoulder, building and developing his scientific school.
Video-recordings of all days of the Conference, as well as all the news related to past and planned events, you can see on the official website of the Conference: