Press conference at “RIA Novosti”

The scientific school of V.V. Davydov: traditions & innovations

Dear participants of the international scientific and practical conference “Scientific school of V.V. Davydov: traditions and innovations”! On September 21st, in the press center of the MIA “Russia Today” the online conference on the topic: “V.V. Davydov’s scientific school: traditions and innovations” was held.

The press conference was attended by: President of the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education – Vitaly Rubtsov, President of the Association of Educational Researchers – Viktor Bolotov, Rector of Moscow State University of Psychology & Education – Arkady Margolis, Rector of Moscow City Pedagogical University – Igor Remorenko, Professor of the UNESCO Chair “Cultural-historical psychology of childhood” MSUPE – Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Director of the Institute for Advanced Research and Human Resource Management – Yuri Gromyko, Professor of the First University of Rome ” Sapienza” (Faculty of Psychology) – Serena Veggetti (Rome, Italy), Professor Pentti Hakkarainen “Vytautas Magnus University” (Finland / Lithuania) ;, Dr. Milda Bredikite (Lithuania).

Leading experts in the field of education discussed the contribution of the outstanding Russian scientist, founder of the developmental education system V.V. Davydov into Russian and world science. The ways of solving the problems of education and development in conditions of modern society were highlighted, the experience of using developmental education, which can become a serious foundation for building effective models of a new school, was presented.The link to the recording of the press conference is available on the official website of the Conference in the section “Media” – “Video archive”, as well as on the website: RIA Novosti