Journal for the 90th anniversary of Vasily V. Davydov

Journal “Psychological Science and Education” for the 90th anniversary of Vasily V. Davydov

Dear participants of the international scientific and practical conference “Scientific school of V.V. Davydov: traditions and innovations”!

In connection with the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Vasily Davydov, an outstanding scientist, thinker, teacher, reformer of education and the founder of a new scientific school in psychology, the journal “Psychological Science and Education” published 2 thematic issues, in which works that analyze the current state and prospects of the scientific school of V.V. Davydov are represented.

The President of Moscow State University of Psychology & Education V.V. Rubtsov about new thematic issues:

You can check the issues of journal by the following links:

1. Issue 2020, No. 4:

2. Issue 2020, No. 5:

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